Facts about our United Russian Orthodox Brotherhood of America

• THE United Russian Orthodox Brotherhood of America was organized on July 18, 1915, at a meeting called On Monessen, Pennsylvania

• ONE Huxidred and ten (110) men constituted the membership of the UROBA at the time of Organization, 90 of whom are still living

• THE First Convention of our Organization was held on December 25, 1915 and 7 lodges with a membership of 308 members were represented

• ORIGINALLY our Organization was known as the “Greek Catholic Pravoslavny Brotherhood”, which was changed by Charter amendment to the UNITED RUSSIAN ORTHODOX BROTHERHOOD OF AMERICA on December 29th, 1924

• THE UROBA has absorbed such organizations as the American Russian Brotherhood, the Russian Beneficial and Savings Organization, the Cleveland Societies of Russian Orthodox Brotherhoods, and numerous incorpore lodges from other organizations

• OUR Organization is licensed to do business in the States of Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Illinois, New, Jersey qnd West Virginia

• IN the Senior-Sokol Department of the UROBA there are 6,120 members in 133 lodges and in the Juvenile Department there are 2,386 members in 88 lodges

• AS of January 1, 1939, our Society underwent a re-organizatipn placing all members on an adequate rate basis as decided upon by the 11th UROBA Convention held in the City of Buffalo, New York, in June, 1938

• THE Total Admitted Assets after re-orgamzation of the UROBA at January 1, 1939, was in the amount of $758,099.51.

• IN addition to Admitted Assets, our Society also had a total of $48,158.68 in Non-Ledger Assets, at January 1, 1939

• THE re-organization of our Society gave us a SOLVENCY of 104% at January 1, 1939 

• AT January 1, 1939, our UROBA had $32,288.69 set up for Special and Contingency reserves.

• SINCE the time of its inception the UROBA has paid out $851,605.74 from the Mortuary Fund as DEATH BENEFITS to Orphans, Widows and other beneficiaries of deceased members.

• FROM the Disability Fund of the UROBA a sum of $12,855.00, has been paid to disabled members, since the time in 1929 when this fund was created at the Eighth (8th) Convention held in Auburn, New York.

• IN the year 1932, the UROBA for the first time permitted its members to make Premium Loans on their Membership Certificates. To January 1, 1939, a total of $106,749.23 in Premium Loans was made to the members of the UROBA.

• THRU the medium of Premium Loans made on Membership Certificates about 90 of our deceased members kept their Membership Certificate in force and made it possible for their widows and orphaned children to receive over $90,000.00 in death benefits.

• THE UROBA now offers to its Membership six (6) Standard forms of Insurance Certificates, all modern plans of Protection, based on the American Experience 3½% Illinois Standard Plan.

• UROBA Class A-l — ORDINARY LIFE PLAN requires payments during whole life. Upon attainment of age 70 years, the member is priviledged to make a Cash Surrender as an OLD AGE BENEFIT upon the surrender of his Certificate. Additional options offered are Premium Loan, Paid-Up Value and Extended Insurance.

• UROBA Class B-l TWENTY YEAR PAYMENT PAID-UP LIFE PLAN requires payments for 20 years only. After 20 continuous years of payment the member has a PAID-UP DEATH BENEFIT for the face amount of his Certificate.

• UROBA Class C-l — TWENTY FIVE YEAR PAYMENT-HALF ENDOWMENT PLAN requires payments for 25 years only. After 25 years of payment the member receives one-half (½) the face amount of his Certificate in cash as an ENDOWMENT and his Certificate becomes a PAID-UP CERTIFICATE for the remaining one-half portion.

• UROBA Class D-l — ENDOWMENT AT AGE 65 PLAN requires payments to the Age of 65 years when it matures as an ENDOWMENT and the face amount is paid in Cash to the member.

• UROBA Class E-l — TWENTY YEAR ENDOWMENT PLAN requires payments for 20 years only. After 20 continuous years of payment the Certificate matures as an ENDOWMENT and the face amount is paid in Cash to the member.

• UROBA Class B1-C1-D1 and E-l PLANS all grant the member the privilege of making a Cash or Premium Loan after three (3) full years of dues payment. The member may also after such period exchange his Certificate for a Paid-up Certificate or he may select to have his Certificate kept in force for its EXTENDED INSURANCE VALUE.

• UROBA Class T — TERM PLAN is for members from AGE 16 to 25 YEARS. Payments are required only until the Anniversary of certificate date next following attainment of the full age of 25, when certificate expires. Option of conversion into any other certificate in use by UROBA if made within six months before expiration date.

• MEMBERSHIP Certificates of the UROBA are issued in amounts from $250 to $5000.

• EVERY Member of the UROBA contributes to the DISABILITY FUND and is covered for Permanent-Total Disability as well as for Dismemberment. The By-Laws of the UROBA explain fully the benefits to which a disabled member is entitled which in the aggregate could amount collectively to over $900 to the unfortunate disabled member.

• EVERY member receives once in each week a copy of the Russian Messenger, the newspaper weekly Official Organ of the UROBA.

• EVERY member receives a copy of the By-Laws of the UROBA explaining in full the rules and regulations governing the members of the UROBA.

• THE UROBA is a FRATERNAL BENEFIT SOCIETY, and as such is but a medium or an agent of the members in conducting the business for which it was organized and agreed upon by the members and the Supreme Governing body is but a machine that carries out the duties expressly defined for it.

Financial Secretary of UROBA.