A Force for Freedom — Roman Samilo Jr.

America is founded on the principle of individual freedom and individual responsibility. You cannot have the one without the other. Though the Founding Fathers of Our Republic fully understood that responsibility could not be forced on anyone they shared such a high regard for the God-given dignity of man that they staked their honor and their fortunes on the premise that free men would build for themselves a better future than could possibly be planned for them by any master. Thus they conceived of the state as a jealouslyFreedomSamilo circumscribed function of the larger society and as having very few legitimate powers over the individual. These few powers were made subject to the control of the people. It is important to note that in such a state even the whole people has very little control over the individual. This makes for the maximum freedom. But in such a society hardly anything works automatically. The individual must take the initiative to build and protect the future.

Thus the economic and political climate is healthiest and the free world strongest when every individual takes the pains to understand and actively participate in the government and the economy. Mere understanding without action is fruitless and participation without understanding is dangerous.

It is essential to the American system that each person is endowed with a political and economic franchise which he is expected to exercise to the best of his ability. When he refuses to accept this challenge because of idle preoccupation, he in effect forfeits his rights to opportunistic political and financial machines which take charge of his fortunes and give little or no accounting for their stewardship.

But though the individual must learn and decide for himself, the realities of the modem world require that he cooperate with others. Although great undertakings involve vast resources and large-scale operations, their magnitude cannot be permitted to overwhelm the understanding.

Today’s world is comprehensible. A good perspective of modem financing and of the overall economy is possible. The individual can act intelligently and effectively in brightening the future for himself and for his fellowman. There is no need for the separation of ownership and control of large-scale enterprise. There is no need for governments to operate the economy. It is only necessary for responsible free men of whatever station in life to take the initiative and to select effective instruments.

One such instrument is the RUSSIAN BROTHERHOOD ORGANIZATION. Over a span of more than half a century this organization has built a tradition and a record of substantial achievement which is a classic example of how well economic democracy works.

The individual who becomes a member of the R.B.O., by so doing, takes a great step in the direction of economic responsibility — for himself, for his family, and for his fellowmen. Besides acquiring a positive measure of security for himself and his dependents, he creates an estate, accumulates capital, and begins to enjoy many other privileges.

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of membership is that it opens the door for him to see and understand and influence a large-scale financial institution which plays an important role in the overall economy and which through obvious comparisons makes the other elements of the national and international economy quite comprehensible.

The member of the R.B.O. is no mere depositor or client or customer or statistic. He has a voice which can be heard and will be respected in the highest offices of an organization which operates on the top level of the American economy. The other members of the R.B.O. are friends and relatives and people who speak his own language who he can understand and appreciate. He is fully informed on the intimate workings of an enterprise with great resources. From this acquaintance with financial operations he can see how many dollars every few weeks make a thousand, how many thousands make a million, and how many millions make a billion. The mystery of bank statements, stock markets, balance sheets, operating statements, government budgets, state bonds, and defense appropriations is dispelled. He will come to understand high finance in terms of dollars and cents.

The member becomes acquainted with the local and national officers and in fact becomes eligible for local and national office. He learns his parliamentary practice and the key arts of persuasion and cooperation and management which are prime assets in every area of life. He has the opportunity to test his ideas, to develop and display his talents, and to acquire a deep and broad perspective.

The proficiency attained through active participation in the R.B.O. can be profitably applied at home, at work, and in influencing the course of tributary and great events.

The member of the R.B.O. becomes a better provider, a more valuable employee, a more responsible citizen — an effective force in the free world.

The R.B.O. has established a tradition which should be reinforced and emulated.

It is men like you and I and our progeny who inhabit the earth. As Americans we cannot afford to be “innocent” bystanders against the alien winds of neo-barbarian despotism. Streamlined tyranny has no honest claim on anybody’s soul. As free men it is our duty to make it abundantly clear to our world audience that we can and are mastering our common and deep-seated problems at the grass roots. At this decisive hour the members of the Russian Brotherhood Organization stand in the front ranks for freedom.

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“For two cents I’d kiss you.”
“Here’s a dollar, let’s get going.”
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Mother — Why didn’t you call me when Mr. Clive kissed you?
Daughter — He threatened me.
Mother — Threatened?
Daughter — Yes, not to kiss me any more.
★ ★ ★

She (after quarrel). — Everything in the house is mine — money, furniture, clothes. What did you have before you married me?”
Husband — Peace.