Лемковски Книжкы

The primary function of the Lemko Association's printing department was the publication of the Lemko Association's newspaper, 'Lemko' (later 'Karpatska Rus') and the annual almanacs presented, here, on this site. Another kind of publication from the Lemko press was short books or booklets, typically containing essays on political or historical subjects or short novels — material too long for inclusion in the newspaper or almanacs. These booklets were organized in two series, "Lemko Library" and "Dramatic Library." As these booklets have the same publisher and authors and content similar to that of the almanacs, examples from both series are presented below. All the fictional works are good examples of vernacular Rusyn. The full-text contents of these booklets can be accessed by clicking the cover images. Images of the title pages are included at the beginning of each text, these, together with the covers, provide information about subject matter.

№ 8 № 9
Муж Умер, П. Ф. Телеп, 1934 Збийска Полянка, Н. А. Цисляк
Муж Умер,1934
П. Ф. Телеп
P. F. Telep
Збийска Полянка, 1935
"Родный Лемко" (Н. А. Цисляк)
N. A. Chislak

№ 10 № 11
Лемковскы Выродкы — Н. А. Цисляк Правда о России — Ваньо Гунянка
Лемковскы Выродкы, 1935
"Родный Лемко" (Н. А. Цисляк)
N. A. Chislak
Правда о России, 1935
"Родный Лемко" (Н. А. Цисляк)
N. A. Chislak

№ 13 № 15
Два фронты — Д-р Симеон С. Пыж Educators
Два Фронты, 1935
Д-р Симеон С. Пыж
S. S. Pisch
Просвітители Народа, 1935
"Петро от Корнуты"
N. A. Chislak

№ 19
Restoration Souvenir Journal
Возстановление Ада, 1937
Л. Н. Толстой
Leo Tolstoj
of the VI Lemko Convention in New York
September 5, 1937