Karpatska Rus and our Children

More than a year has passed since KARPATSKA RUS increased the size of its English section in order to reach a greater number of our members in the language which they know best. This was done so that the younger generation which was not born in the Carpathians can learn of the life of their ancestors. The Editorial Board of our newspaper. KARPATSKA RUS. hopes that the English readership will feel the love of the Lemkos and subscribe to the paper to learn more. We must all try to have our children read our newspaper in order to learn more about themselves—about their history, culture and language.

Anna Chelak appealing to the youth at the Lemko Festival

The English section is an important part of our organizational life and our branches must do their part to obtain new subscribers for our paper. Our children do not all speak Lemko and it is important to show them that they have a source for learning about their culture.

We should all pay more attention to the education of our children and subscribe for them. When they see the value of the newspaper, they will certainly do so on their own.