Vacation on the Farm — Marie Siplak

Did you ever spend a vacation on a farm? I suppose a lot of you did, but still there are others who didn't. Well thats just where I was this summer, and, Oh! what a swell time I had. I guess I'd better start from the beginning, and tell about my adventures.

Marie and Eva Siplak
(14 and 11 years), Cleveland.

The day we planned to go there, my mother hurried with the supper, packed up our clothes, and as soon as we finished with supper, off we went to the country.

It was dark when we arrived and the first one to greet us was Jiggs, the farmer's dog. He jumped all over me thinking I liked his cold kisses.

I was surprised when I entered the house, for there were no electric lights, only a coal-oil lamp to light up the room.

I made friends with the farmer’s children, a boy and a girl. My Mother and Dad having nothing else to do, went to bed.

Next morning I was awakened by Jiggs. He was constantly putting his cold nose into my hand. I started to get dressed, went to the kitchen to get washed, but there was no faucet. You had to go out in the yard and pump some water.

After breakfast we, looked around the farm for something to do, but everything seemed too hard, so instead, we played in the haystacks. One of them was very high, so we climbed to the top of it and started jumping off. Everybody had already jumped but I. When I did, I fell so that my knee hit my chin. Of course, Jiggs jumped after me. At that everybody started to laugh, but I didn’t think it was funny. Next day I had a black and blue mark on my chin.

One day we thought we’d help clean up the barn. Oh! how hard we worked, but the farmer didn’t seem to be satisfied, and we were always in his way, so we went out.

When it was milking time, Jiggs went to get the cow. He brought her home alright, but instead of him chasing the cow, she was chasing and bucking him all the way. Jiggs didn’t mind that just so long as he led her in safely.

We had other good times such as swimming and playing ball, — Jiggs was always at our heels, ready for all the fun.

When the day came to go home we were all anxious to depart. After all we think the best place for us is in the city.